Verdun Highlander update released

Wearing a kilt to battle and blinding your enemies with luxury!

28 Jan 2017

A recent update to the WW1 multiplayer shooter Verdun has added the option to play as the people from that Braveheart movie with Mel Gibson!

Shoutout to developers M2H and Blackmill Games for their continued support for Verdun. Had it not been for the atrocious match Awkward Machine had where we were literally getting headshotted everytime we peeked from the trenches, chances are we would still be playing this barrel of laughs!

"The Scottish were no stranger to war, and when the call to arms came in 1914, a relatively large number of Scottish young men eagerly joined the ranks of the British in Belgium. Wearing their traditional kilts, they performed many aggressive scouting maneuvers, often finding themselves in the thick of savage battles such as Loos and Arras. They suffered a staggering number of casualties as a result, but were nevertheless undeterred and soon earned the nicknamed the “ladies from hell”.

The Scottish squad will perform the role of aggressive scouting in Verdun. They are armed with the distinctive Pattern 1914 Enfield, a five-round “dog-leg” bolt handle rifle ideal for marksmen. This rifle was used in the later years of the war as a designated sniper rifle. The rifle combines the elements of the famous German Mauser, the five-round internal box magazine, with some Lee-Enfield features. Compared to the standard Lee-Enfield, the Pattern 1914 was more accurate and durable, though heavier as well.

Highlander Update

Admittedly I was late to the party on this one, but if you're looking for a WW1 war game with a more accurate depiction than a more recent Multiplayer FPS then give Verdun a go! just remember to keep your head down. - Nick