Verdun Christmas truce update

a nice excuse to not kill everyone

22 Dec 2016

For those of you playing the WW1 multiplayer FPS 'Verdun' You'll be delighted to know, that as a break from getting trench foot and being stabbed with a pointy gun, developers BlackMill Games have released an update giving players the ability to take part in the Christmas Truce of WW1. This truce had soldiers from both sides laying down their hooty-tooty-point-and-shootys in favour of playing football and discussing current events.

"Join the Verdun Christmas Truce and donate for War Child, supporting children in conflict!

The Christmas Truce of WW1 is re-enacted in Verdun as part of War Child Armistice to raise money for children affected by conflict during the period December 16 – January 2 2017.

Play football, throw snowballs, send Christmas cards to your loved ones and sing Christmas carols on a winter themed WW1 map!

NOTE: The Christmas Truce is offered for free in between the regular Verdun matches (
For unlimited access until the 2nd of January 2017 make sure to make a donation for War Child via the Christmas Truce - War Child temporary DLC:"

Shooty-stabby-throaty-grabby... um.... boomey-woomey-ball-of-doomey (grenade)