Valve to shut Greenlight

Lights Out

13 Feb 2017

Yesterday Valve announced that it was pulling the plug on it's community vetting service noting that it had ultimately failed in it's goal. Greenlight was meant to be an easy access point for unknown indie developers, who had great games and not so great bank balances. Of course things didn't work out as expected, Greenlight was ridiculously easy to game resulting in massive amount of crapware being pumped onto what was once a high quality storefront. In fact some have estimated that 40% of Steam titles were published in 2016! Valve won't be going back to it's walled garden approach but will instead be asking for a flat entry fee of $5000 to have your game sold there, which isn't too much to ask if your game is any good. It's still unknown if this new move will actually fix anything, but it will stem the tide in the meantime.