Valve Pulls Steam Machines

Nobody Notices...

04 Apr 2018
steam machine

Sometime yesterday, when AM wasn't paying attention, Valve pulled the Steam-Machine lineup from their hardware section. Launched only a few years ago Steam Machines were seen as Valve's foray into the console userspace. But as usual, they were expensive, underpowered, and the support from Valve was more than lacking. They were quickly replaced with a much more sensible in-home streaming option, and although micro gaming PC's aren't going anywhere anytime soon having ones specifically branded for steam just seems bizarre.

To be brutally honest no one here at AM will shed a tear for the Steam Machine because they already did their jobs by launching Steam OS. For those of you who are deaf, dumb, and blind (and still somehow reading this shit) Steam OS was a Linux based operating system that the Steam Machines shipped with, it's still a little rough around the edges, but it managed to drag Linux into the world of PC gaming as a more than capable Plan-B should Microsoft keep being cunts. So here's to the Steam Machines, ya did well little guys!

that'll do steam machine, that'll do..