Update: Escape From Tarkov Developer Stream

I'm getting excited. And yes, in that way...

19 May 2016

After doing some digging around the origins of Escape From Tarkov, it became evident that there's a whole lot of speculation and cautious optimism about Battlestate Games' upcoming survival MMOFPS. Fan's are praying that the game can deliver on its promise of a truly realistic FPS experience rife with customization and depth. I too am hoping it can deliver come launch day, mainly because what we've seen of this game (which you can check out here) is extremely ambitious and takes influence from all the right places. The idea of a video game putting its main focus on realistic weaponry, accurate damage modeling and an actual emphasis on teamwork and coordination (the word 'teamwork' gets passed around a lot in gaming) is something we rarely get to see in this era of run-and-gun shooters and competitive MOBA's.

Don't get me wrong no one can deny DOTA 2 requires a lot of teamwork, but gamers like myself want something more, we crave immersion and a truly sensory exhausting experience. Whether it's the sound of cracking gunfire that can launch you off of your chair or the panic of waiting behind a corner trying desperately to listen for footsteps, it's no denying experiences like these are the reason I started playing video games. It's also the reason I love the horror genre. So without digressing too much this is why I personally am excited for Escape From Tarkov, it's looking more and more like a game that's pushing the boundaries and offering a true hardcore experience much needed in this era of gaming.

And since I told you Awkward Machine would be closely watching development, it's a great time to let you know that Battlestate Games have just released an official developer stream, showcasing just about everything that the game has been promising since its initial inception. Like always if anything else lands on my non-existent work desk, Awkward Machine will do it live.


Jump to 18:30 for a cheeki firefight