This War Of Mine DLC

A game about living in *Insert shitty part of town here*

02 Jun 2016

Anyone who immediately bought This War Of Mine at its release will know that it's a cunning survival game with some clever resource managing components and a story that loves to swing on your heartstrings like fucking Tarzan. Well here's some great news! The war isn't over, 11-bit Studios have just made their newest DLC available on Steam for all of us here on the PC side with goals and ambitions. This release aptly named The Little Ones brings us back into the war-torn city of Pogoren, Graznavia to carve out a meager existence during the ongoing siege and survive amongst the soldiers having a classic Enemy at the Gates moment over what feels like an eternity. This time, we're given a small group of children to also look after, which I can only assume is going to give us some hard choices when the rations get tight. If it's anything like the original TWOM, this'll be a gem you won't want to miss!

So do I rob this old man and take his rations to feed my group of starving kids? or do I politely listen to his story about how this building used to be a bank?