System Shock 3 Gets Publisher

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15 Mar 2017
system shock 3

Sometime last night, Starbreeze dropped a bombshell and announced they're publishing System Shock 3.

This is big news for two reasons, first, it confirms that System Shock 3 development is still ticking away, and it almost guarantees that it'll come out! For those not in the know, System Shock 3 was announced back in December by developer Otherside Entertainment. So far, it's still in early pre-production, but what little news we were given sounded good. The dev team consists of several Looking Glass Studio heavies, (including Stroggo's husbando Warren Spector), as well as having Terri Brosius (the voice of SHODAN) along for the ride too. Starbreeze ponied up a reported $12 million USD to make this dream come true. No other details about the game's development have been released but at this point who cares, WE'RE GETTING SYSTEM SHOCK 3!