SWAT-4 Gets gog re-release


25 Jan 2017
swat 4

The SWAT series is a strange beast, it started out as an FMV-Adventure spin-off to Police Quest only to take a dramatic turn in the third instalment and become a tactical shooter. The series didn't last much longer putting out only one more title before Sierra folded, but what a game it was! SWAT-4 is oft considered the finest tactical shooter ever made, it's about covers and clearing, meticulous planning, and lightening reflexes. Damn hard work is well rewarded with its steep learning curve, but don't let that put you off because (whether by accident or not) it's just as much, if not more fun to fuck the whole thing up! The first three entries have been available on GOG for quite some time, but the jewel in the crown was noticeably absent until today. So if you haven't played it grab a copy and jump in with some friends, and for fucks sake play the damn tutorial!