Superhot VR Forever update on Oculus and Vive!

New game modes, new steam achievements and secrets. Oh, and full VR support.

14 Mar 2017

As of March 7th players with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive can now experience Superhot in glorious VR!

This update has been in the oven for a while now. Players who originally bought the game raved about its fresh take on bullet time and shooting/melee mechanics, all wrapped in a cyberpunk themed story and minimalist presentation to offer something that wasn't just fun, but unique. (albeit short)

The "Superhot VR Forever" adds new challenges like all headshot modes and speedruns, new Steam achievements and a plethora of secrets to find. All totalling in 20+ hours of extra gameplay.



Master New Modes
The Forever update adds hours of gameplay, thanks to multiple new play modes and challenges!

• Test your aim where only headshots take out enemies
• Race against your best score in bullet time and real-world time
• Try to complete the game without shooting
• Get hardcore with faster enemies and less reaction time

Perhaps the most insane addition is the 10-minute challenge, where you have—you guessed it—exactly 10 minutes to complete the game. It took the Superhot Team’s best player two days to master the challenge when his co-workers finally found him laid out on the floor.