Sundered Releases This Month

Mi-Go Meets Metroid

18 Jul 2017

If you're from Yorkshire and use Steam you'll have undoubtedly hoovered up Jotun for free last weekend and never given it a second thought. Turns out the freebie was a celebration of sorts, the grand occasion? The devs finally have a release date for their new title, Sundered!

Sundered is a Lovcraftian 'themed' Metroidvaina platformer (bugger me that was a mouthful) which has been catching our curious eyes for the last few months. It features a combination of randomly generated and handmade levels and from what we've been able to tell from the press releases, is packing one heck of a story! Stroggo in particular has been looking for something to fill the void that Abyss Odyssey left but to be honest the team at Thunder Lotus look like they can do one better, anyway decide for yourself with the snazzy launch trailer below.



Sundered is due for release on July 28th