Subnautica Update: Castles & Coffee

Preferably not in the same cup.

27 Jan 2017
Subnautica Lava

The last Subnautica update was all the way back in December, which gave us the mysterious Precursor Array, additional story and a myriad of little tweaks and balances. This update builds upon Precursor Update by adding another Precursor Base, the LAVA CASTLE, located in the depths of hell where monsters lay, Cthulhu sleeps and dreams go to die.

New treasures and dangers await the brave or the people silly enough to venture so deep.
"Amongst the abandoned corridors of the Lava Castle Precursor Base are the Precursor Droids. Charged with the solitary task of maintaining the base through the years, these droids can be seen wandering the base, going about their business".

But don't worry it's not all doom and gloom, did we mention there are coffee and snacks! It's called the Castles & Coffee Update for a reason. You can now add more junk goods to you home, like Coffee Machines and Vending Machines, Trashcans, Luggage Bags and Beds that really work now!

What the great Dev's giveth, the Dev's taketh away. There is a Ping System now that lets you customise pings from your life pods and vehicles, but to alleviate performance issues say goodbye to terrain deformation during base building because it won't be coming back anytime soon.


Castles & Coffee Update

For the full list of changes, you can view the patch notes on the Unknown Worlds site