Subnautica Precursor Update Released

10,000 Leagues of Comfy

16 Dec 2016
precursor gun 3

Subnautica is an Awkward Machine favorite and now has a new Subnautica update which is available on Steam!

"The latest update is chock full of new secrets to unravel. Previously, you may have noticed strange, high-tech cubes – or bases – placed throughout the world. These unusual objects come to life as someone (or something) flips the switch.
Dive deep into the story of Subnautica and discover more answers and more questions."

"Rising out of the ocean is the massive Precursor Array & Base. There is a lot to explore both within the new base and nearby. Be sure to bring a flashlight."

"Other strange objects are hidden around the world, waiting to be uncovered. The area behind the Precursor Base is teeming with hidden gems and secret passageways. Ancient technology sits within these caves waiting to be awakened by you.
The Lost River and Floating Island Biomes have received a thorough level-polish, and be careful walking along cliffs, the world now has fall damage."