Subnautica Infected Update!

Sleeping with the fishes?

03 Mar 2017
Subnautica Infected 1

There’s something in the water. It has infected this world. It has infected you.

Have you ever just been swimming along, admiring all the lush seascape, the beautiful flora, the marvelous creatures and there's something not quite right about Mr. Fish over there. Maybe he's just different, okay. He's glowing? He might need a doctor because he could be infected!
Subnautica has released their Infected Update. Some creatures are displaying symptoms of an infections disease. What is it? And could you contract it yourself?

"A mysterious disease has presented itself throughout the world in the latest update, posing a threat to both the local wildlife and to you. Luckily, with the introduction of self-scanning, it’s now easier to monitor for possible infection."

Subnautica Infected

Mr. Fish doesn't look to good

Although the disease isn't the only part of the game that's had a touch with the update stick. There's been some updates to the Disease Research Facility which is Hidden within the Lost River, and the previously inaccessible Precursor Base opens its doors for the first time. Mysterious remnants begin to paint the picture of a story from another time. Explore at your own risk.
Along one of the entrance corridors to the Lost River Zone, a cavernous expanse has been added with new Precursor ruins. The tale of this Cache is interconnected with the Precursor Base just around the corner.

  • It’s now possible to drag and drop items in the PDA.
  • The Map Scanner Room gets major improvements such as increased scanning and map projection range.

The Crag Field. Where there was previously empty seabed, the Crag Field has arisen. Explore this new environment, but watch out for Bone Sharks! ("Bane of my existence - Jake")

Subnautica Infected Update Video