Subnautica Gets a Release Date

Subnautica bobs out of early access next week

16 Jan 2018
subnautica banner


We're a bit late on this one, most of the AM team have fucked off for summer leaving this update to they guy who hasn't played Subnautica in 8 months so bear with us. As you probably know Unknown Worlds are finally pulling the pin on their sub sea survival game. There's no word on if it'll bring multiplayer to the table as that's likely to be an entirely separate release. I got off the Subnatuica bus just after the Prawn suit update, and I can say it's been an absolute joy to see this game come together, there hasn't been too many undersea themed games never mind good ones, and ol' Subby is one of the best! It stands as a bit of a testament to the quiet side of indie gaming who get on with the job and drop some amazing games so congratulations guys, and please, the next time you have an awesome game Idea please put multiplayer in it.


You can expect a full review when stroggo has fixed his PC or when AM has drawn straws.