Shadow of the Tomb Raider Officially Revealed

We have seen sieves leak less

17 Mar 2018
shadow tomb

After a few months of leaks, ranging from a few drips here and there to the absolute torrent of the past week. We finally got the official reveal/announcement yesterday over on the Tomb Raider website and social media accounts alongside a little teaser video:

We've known about the existence of this latest Tomb Raider entry since last year. Part of the hype train with "accidental leaks" or just shitty rubber seals? We can't be sure but its good to see them announce the game officially. Over on the Tomb Raider site, we can see a countdown to full reveal event on the 27th of April, the release date slated for September 17th and a puzzle unlocking on Monday (19/03) Will the puzzle reveal more? We will have to check back then.  

Watching the short teaser seems to place Lara in Central America with Aztec pyramids and lush rainforests. In a few shots, we see her rocking her trademark bow and ice picks alongside some rock climbing and a shot of a mercenary/soldier. Are they related to Trinity from the previous game? Or a new threat we have to deal with? More will be revealed in April.

We have been rather enjoying the Tomb Raider reboot here at Awkward Machine and are looking forward to exploring again and raiding a few more tombs later this year.