Rust xp update is live

This is the big one, but does it change the game for the better?

05 Jul 2016

If you're like me and play the survival early access game Rust so much that you might as well mainline it into your eyeballs - you've probably already heard that they've been tinkering away at this XP update for some time, and by god, it's going to change the game drastically.

Before the patch, players would have to collect what Rust calls "blueprint fragments" which, as you've probably guessed, are small pieces of scavenged schematics from the old world before it's assumed collapse. These can be used to learn how to craft new weapons, tools, building materials etc that'll give you a much better chance at survival and an offensive edge over a possible rival.

Personally, I liked the way Rust handled this since it gave the game a level playing field and added a bit of luck and lottery to finding a cache of BPs and crafting your way to Junkyard Iron Man greatness.

But opinions are like assholes, and this new update could shake the game up for the better - after this update, players will gain XP from doing activities like farming, hunting animals, building structures and basically interacting with most of the world. This, like the bp system, is the only way to advance technologically in Rust.

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Once again without putting a wall of text in front of you here's popular Rust Youtuber Phaedo82's video explaining the XP system and how it'll affect the game world.

For everything else, there's Awkward Machine.