Robert Guillaume - Half Life's Eli Vance passes away Age 89

valve time waits for no man

25 Oct 2017
Robert Guillaume

We've lost another one

It's 11:51 on a Wednesday here in Dunedin, I'm shitfaced, cranky, and up way past my beddiebye's for tomorrows soul crushing day. But rather than retreat to my fluffy coma sack I've decided to pop off a random news bit, why? Because we've lost another Half Live 2 Voice actor to the ravages of entropy that will one day claim us all. Robert Guillamue the voice of Eli Vance passed away tonight after a battle with prostate cancer, now any death is a sad landmark but the honest fact is you cant give more than a moments upset for passing of individuals you don't know otherwise you'd go mad (8 years of dating a mortician will do this to you). However this death struck a bit of a cord with me, partially because this sent me on a bit of a nostalgia trip, but mainly because this reminded me that Half-Life's voice actors are dieing in the time it's taking Valve to shit out a sequel. In the last DECADE since the previous 'episodic' installment  we've had new franchises rise and fall, old developers return to their glory days, and new bright eyed talents bringing brilliantly executed classics that will stand the test of time. So when Half-Life 3 does come, don't tout it as a masterpiece, don't hark it as the "long awaited sequel" because it will be a different game, made by very different people. Half-Life 2 is a long gone revolution, and it did what it needed to do, just stop fucking us around.. it's getting embarrassing..