Resident Evil 7 DLC in the works

Time to kill Jack Baker again

08 Sep 2017
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New DLC for the critically acclaimed survival horror reboot Resident Evil 7 has just been announced. Giving some much-needed love to characters old and new.

End of Zoe continues on from the base game and tells the story of Zoe Baker after she helps Ethan Winters escape the Baker estate. Detailing the cat-and-mouse game she was playing with her family during the events of RE7 this should reveal a lot of the aftermath of Ethan's escape and the fate of Zoe Baker.

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Not a Hero is the second DLC that serves to establish the story of the longtimeĀ protagonist and boulder-punching aficionado Chris Redfield.

"Not a Hero is a chapter that explores the direct aftermath of RE7's main story. Unlike the nightmare suffered by untrained civilian Ethan Winters, players take control of Chris Redfield to tackle the outbreak as a trained professional. Experience a different flavor of survival horror with an arsenal of tactical weaponry!"

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The story of Resident EVII had a very open-ended style and it's great to see some newer and older characters from the series being fleshed out in this new age of RE Horror.

Both DLC's will be out on December 12th 2017. Not a Hero will be a free DLC whereas End of Zoe will require you to own the season pass which you can grab here