Red Dead Redemption 2 Announced

17 Oct 2016

In the very early hours of the morning, Rockstar Games' Twitter pages posted this blood-red grainy image with the Rockstar logo.


This can only mean one thing, right?

As is customary for any Rockstar game, the UK-based developers have decided to drip feed the news of their new release over a few days leaving us all waiting in anticipation.

The Magnificient 7? Steve McQueen playable character confirmed?

Now I don't mean to get you riled up, but we all know whenever Rockstar drops a new mixtape it's almost always a game of the year all years, so we can safely say that this is going to be a new title to keep your eyes on.

Speculation you ask? We can safely say Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be another sun-drenched Sergio Leone movie full of betrayal and loose alliances, with a beautiful new coat of paint and that sweet Rockstar engine behind it, most likely in a different setting from the first game too. My guess is they'll focus more on the multiplayer following the success of GTA Online and have the story serve as a tutorial for when you're running and gunning with your posse.

Perhaps they'll also have multiple playable protagonists each with intertwining stories? I can definitely see that working in a western setting giving you the option of playing as a Mexican, American and maybe English. But really, until we get more information who the fuck knows?

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"A part of me wants to continue the RDR story and play as Jack Marston, then I remember how annoying he was." - Indica