Quake Champions Update Brings the Old School

Grab the LAN cable

16 Mar 2018
Quake MarchUpdate Instagib

Dust off that CRT and unclog your ball mouse people because Quake Champions have the update for you. 

Announced yesterday the Quake Champions March update is bringing back the old school. TDM not fast enough for you? Are rocket Launchers not chunking your enemies in your desired amount of seconds?
Never fear Instagib is back. Who needs headshots and well-placed rockets when you can just body shot and get the frag, pure frustrating twitch shooting at its best.

Now I know what you old school UT/Quake fans are thinking. "This is all well and good but I don't want those champion abilities getting in the way of my instagib, CRT blindness and ball mouse clogged induced rage" Well ID seems to have finally seen the light and have now added the option to disable this afront to the purity of arena shooters for custom matches. Good to see Quake getting back to its roots. Do we really need another hero shooter wearing a quake skin?

With UT4 on hiatus thanks to the black hole that is Fortnite BR sucking all of Epics resources good to see some old school shit getting some love.

Now ID toss in some LAN support and push the Champions off to the side, give Epic Games a kick in the pants and let's get an old school UTvQuake turf war going again. 

Head on over to the source below to read the full spiel about new update