Payday 2 VR support!

Making my armed robbery practice sessions even more immersive.

11 May 2017

Another respectable developer has thrown their proverbial fedora into the ring of virtual reality.

Coming soon in beta form for Starbreeze Studios' Multiplayer FPS heist game Payday 2 is something fans weren't expecting but by god, it's something we need.

Players will be able to experience Payday 2 through HTC Vive (and likely, but unconfirmed Oculus Rift) in their new VR update! Adding full VR controller support and refined controls for those in the 360 world. 

This new mode will allow you to play with others not using a headset (curious how you will look to other players not in VR with this).

Of course, this is free to all Payday 2 owners too. So put that wallet away, my dude.

"PAYDAY VR will be available to ALL PAYDAY 2 owners
Beta starts in 2017!"

I'm gonna look like a straight thug playing this in the lounge.