Pathologic remake gets new name & trailer

The foe you cannot kill

02 Sep 2017
pathologic 2

News of disease and death is never a good thing, unless it's about the Pathologic remake of course! Ice Pick Lodge's remake of their 2005 avant-garde masterpiece has picked up a publisher (Tiny Build) as well as a new name, Pathologic 2. While the rename may seem confusing at first it does help the remake stand out from the already available Pathologic and Pathologic HD, as explained by Tiny Build's Alex Nichiporchik: “What we referred to as Pathologic is now Pathologic 2 to avoid confusion between the original game, Pathologic Classic HD, The Marble Nest, Mor. Utopia, and so on.”

But that's not the only good bit of news, the fine folks in Moscow have also given us a shiny new trailer to oogle before the Sand Plague rots our eyes:

For those of you not in the know, Pathologic was a puzzle/survival game where you play as one of three 'healers' out to stop a surreal Russian village from succumbing to brutal epidemic. It was released to critical acclaim in it's homeland, but thanks to a rather infamous botched translation it never quite got the same reception in the west. What Pathologic did and still manages to do is completely and utterly drown you in it's world. The gameplay may have been a little wonky and the dialog may have been insane, but good gravy the atmosphere it conjured was tremendous.

If you were a kickstarter backer you've no doubt already had a crack at The Marble Nest, an interactive teaser of sorts, and will be getting a playable alpha soon as for the rest of you mortals you'll have to wait until sometime next year. Don't worry it'll be worth the wait.