Overgrowth enters final Beta 6 before 1.0 release

It's been a long road, but i can finally play as a Kung fu rabbit without getting weird looks.

09 Oct 2017

After a long road of development

Wolfire games' Rabbit Kung-fu game Overgrowth is nearing its completion

The game has just entered beta 6 which will be its final build before entering 1.0. Players who've already purchased the early access will, of course, have the full game upon its release along with their indie jam games Low Light Combat (Multiplayer FPS Arena DM game with stealth elements) and Receiver ( The Cyberpunk'esque shooter with realistic gun handling mechanics)  

New in the recent beta:

  • Fully working story mode
  • Overall polish to level changes and transitions
  • Animals each have their own combat traits eg. Cats can throw offhand weapons and Rats can attach parts of the environment as camouflage
  • Major additions to AI e.g enemies react differently to winning battles, can now hear you easier wading through water
  • New and expanded biomes

 If you'd like to support development and get a free copy of Receiver and Low Light Combat you can buy the game on their site here or purchase the game on Steam

One final polish