Overgrowth enters beta!

Fucking finally!

18 Jan 2017

Finally! My fourth favourite indie kung fu rabbit fighting game has entered its next stage of maturity!

That's right kids, Overgrowth has entered beta and everyone here at AM (Who am I kidding, just me) is bouncing up and down with a profound sense of surprise that this would ever happen in our lifetimes.

The game has come a long way from its early roots as an Early Access title on Steam in 2013. Most of what you see now as far as combat, visuals and AI was barely playable, but for those of us that played Wolfire's previous game Lugaru - we could see Overgrowth was the beginning of something great.

There's still a while to go before the games full release. But alongside this recent beta, we've seen the inclusion of the Lugaru story mode ported into Overgrowth. Something the game desperately needed was a single player campaign so alongside the arena, map editor, challenge mode and versus mode there's now a nice story to follow as you beat your fellow species into a burgundy-coloured soup.

As mentioned you can buy Overgrowth on Steam here for 27% off.

Beta Trailer

 "Here's some shameless self-promotion, I recently played through a few levels of the Lugaru campaign here. Subscribe for more." - Nick