Outlast 2 Delayed

Nick cries, Adam Sighs

01 Aug 2016
outlast 2

In a shock announcement that has disappointed fans and put Nick into a coma, Red Barrel stated that you'll be waiting till 2017 to get your hands on Outlast 2. The original Outlast was 2013's indie darling, and one of the few new IP's from that year that didn't completely suck. Playing  as a journalist in the middle of a found footage movie, the gimmick was that instead of a flash-light you only had your handycam's night vision, it was basically Amnesia but in spooky-scope. But the other more dire issue is that the delay has thrown a right one in Nick and I's plan to subject Adam to more of his favourite game! That's right keep your eyes peeled or our first lets-play session where we force the worlds saltiest man to endure the first half of Outlast (it's DLC at least) which should land this week!


"Due to my impartiality clause I must also state that their are other lets plays available, but they don't have nearly as much salt"