Outlast 2 banned in australia

To the Australian classification board, I say didgeridon't do it, mate.

17 Mar 2017

News has spread that the upcoming survival horror game Outlast 2, has been refused classification in Boomerang town following the Classification boards decision.

Why you ask? To put it simply, the game features grotesque visuals and sexual scenes featuring rape and torture that they deem unfit for the Australian audience. (Source: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/03/heres-why-outlast-2-was-refused-classification-in-australia/) If you're up to date on the Australian gaming scene, you'll be well aware of a number of games that have been refused classification because of these themes (which I'll link here). And to be honest, this comes at no surprise. We fought a hard battle to enable the sale of R18+ rated games in Crocodile Dundee land. I can understand why they made their decision. But if this measure of censorship carried onto other entertainment mediums we would definitely see a lot of films taken off store shelves (Cannibal Holocaust comes to mind). 

No doubt we can expect a modified version of Outlast 2 for our friends Downunder. Hopefully, we don't see much more of this in future, though. Because they need to realise the Australian gaming scene is not comprised of 12-year-olds. 


Don't forget. Outlast 2, 25th April. Buy a calendar.

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