One Year of Awkward Machine

Somehow we made it

16 May 2017
am fire no logo

Heck that went quickly

This past weekend us here at Awkward Machine celebrated one whole year of the new and improved AM going live.

One year of sub-par writing, self-deprecating humour, a month were all we talked about was horror games for some reason and a good few podcasts.
What better way to celebrate than getting on the sauce and having a LAN with the team (minus Jake who is still stuck in Auckland :( but joined us via discord )

What does the next year of Awkward Machine bring?

Who knows, more content we hope. Our real life jobs get in the way of that and schedules were the death of AM V1.0 so we will just keep trucking along.

Thanks to everyone (if anyone?) who stops by our little corner of the webs for a great first year.