Nvidia Series 10 Announced

And yes it can play DOOM, all of them.

09 May 2016

Finally, after you've joined the 970 STRIX club and marveled at the possibility of a fantastic new vidya experience ripe with VR HD porn and little else, Nvidia have decided to throw a little more black magic into the cauldron and announced that soon the newest Series 10 cards will grace our presence.

The first two cards you'll be able to get your hands on are the GTX 1080 available May 27th and will retail at $600USD and its little brother GTX 1070 launching June 10th coming in at $380USD.

Both claim to be vastly superior to the former series much so that Nvidia are claiming the GTX 1080 has the power of two Titan X's running SLI and three times the efficiency, This is all thanks to the new Pascal architecture that's looking to surpass the current Maxwell from series 9 by leaps and bounds.

You can find all the specs and benchmarks at the source below, but for now here're some guys from id Software testing the Nvidia GTX 1080 on the new DOOM, which we've also given our impressions of here.

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