Nvidia Announces the 1080Ti

Because who needs savings anyway?

01 Mar 2017
geforce gtx 1080 ti large 003


Earlier today at GDC Nvidia announced and unveiled their newest addition to the Ti family. The beastly GTX 1080Ti now surpassing even the hulking Titan X

Under all that metal and cooling sits the latest magic box from Nvidia. Packing a whopping 3,584 CUDA Cores, and 11GB of next-gen GDDR5X Video Memory ensuring this thing punches harder than the hit you will take in the wallet

Shiny marketing video

Benchmarks released alongside this announcement have the Ti beating its little brother by up to 35% boasting "The best Ti Improvement to date" with previous generations topping out at 19% and 25%

MSRP for the founders' edition is slated at $699 USD with pre-orders opening up tomorrow. Though by the time it lands here in Mordor we will be looking at a GPU well into the 1200NZD+ range so we don't think we will be rolling them out across all of the Awkward Machine PCs anytime soon.

For more info and specifications check out Nvidia's website or the source below