No Mans Sky PC Launch Woes

All is not well in the universe

13 Aug 2016
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Lag, Hitches, Crashes and more

Seem to be plaguing many users of the hotly anticipated space sim. 

Many users over on the NMS Reddit page along with the steam user forums have been complaining about a myriad of issues since the games PC debut earlier today. 

Everything from dropped frames, stuttering and lower than expected FPS, all the way to some users not even being able to start the game. With PC consumer watch-dog TotalBiscuit even going as far as saying its the worst PC launch since Arkham Knight 

Since launch HelloGames has released a statement in regards to the issues and have gone on to say they are pulling an "all nighter"

We here at Awkward Machine had a slight issue with getting the game to run (deleting local content and redownloading the game). Though once these were resolved we were away laughing and exploring the cosmos and working on our upcoming review. 

"Enough News, back to exploring"