No Mans Sky: Pathfinder

The path for the future

09 Mar 2017
pathfinder playstation screenshot

The open road still softly calls

In what is becoming a bit of a habit for Hello Games after a few months of silence we got hit with another massive update to their much-maligned space sim No Mans Sky.

The pathfinder update is no small text change, much like the foundation update before it, a whole page over on the NMS website is dedicated to the change log

The headline feature in this update is the addition of ground-based vehicles or "exocraft" allowing for speedier land-based reconnaissance and exploration. Unfortunately, it currently seems to be bound to your chosen home planet, though maybe after another month of silence, the ship launched vehicles will be a part of the next update:

Update Trailer

The pathfinder update also includes a large host of visual improvements to the game including:

  • High and ultra resolution textures
  • More accurate Ambient Lighting
  • Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion
  • High contrast lighting effects
  • Crepuscular Rays from the Sun
  • Improved post-processing with several filter options
  • HDR mode for compatible monitors and televisions

Along with a host of quality of life improvements, PS4 Pro support and general bug fixes. One that caught our eye was "Atmospheric low-flight has been adjusted and improved" but upon reinstallation and ensuring the update had been acquired we have noticed little to no improvements low atmospheric flight. Which is a shame, remember this trailer it had that awesome low flying dogfight. Oh well, maybe next update.

It's good to see Sean and the team sticking to NMS and improving it with each update. In an earlier podcast, we mentioned this game could have flourished as an indie early access. Instead, it was pushed out as a $90+ NZD AAA release without a massive studio behind it to support it. Here's hoping with these continuous updates the games true potential is realised.