New Elusive target comes to Hitman

a new challenger appears

19 Jul 2016

Good news assassins!

A new elusive target is coming to Hitman! this time in the form of that guy from (the original) Point Break who played the shitty cop that made Keanu Reeves do all the work.

I like both these guys, maybe they'll put Gary Cole as the next target

This has been teased by IO interactive for some time now, it was a toss up between Gary Busey and Gary Cole and they'd even made a video on it, with both of them proving who's more deserving of dying. Well, old man Busey won this one! and you'll soon be able to hunt the bastard down in the wild world of simulated assassination! don't forget, you only have one shot at this so try not to let his freakish gaze throw your aim!

To be honest, I don't think I could kill Gary Busey if the opportunity came, his monstrous looks are far too menacing!