More Resident Evil 7 Detais

A phone, a Shotgun, and a big ol' box

18 Oct 2016
resident evil 7

There's been growing interest around the next entry in the Rezi franchise, good interest mind you, not the blind ravenous NMS interest of that great indie calamity. Most of this has been caused by the massive departure part 7 seems to be taking from predecessors. Now if there were any game series in desperate need of freshening up it'd definitely be Resident Evil, but RE7's press releases have left me feeling a little strange. Rather than the much needed refresh it seems more like Capcom are just exploiting the vacuum caused by Konami's recent implosion and all the hype generated from Kojima's 'Playable Trailer'.

However Capcom have recently dropped 2 new teasers which at the very least show that RE7 retains some of the DNA of it's forbearers. The first teaser is your usual horror fare, but the second video gives us a glimpse of the games inventory management, and a return of the classic magic item boxes.



 But perhaps the most alarming fact is RE7's release date, it's due late January which is no goddamn time at all!