Mirage gets botted

send in the clones

24 Jul 2017
mirage arcane warfare

Torn Banner's all new Magic em' Up Mirage: Arcane Warfare doesn't seem to be taking off as quickly as it's Medieval brother. However the latest update is trying to alleviate that. The upcoming Gladiator update brings new Weapons, Magic, and Abilities as well as bot support to try and fatten up the deathly thin playerbase. It's a pity things worked out this way, from what we've seen Mirage is a pretty fun little brawler (the Beta was a hot mess when we tried it, but we gave it a free pass because what beta isn't) but in today's crowded marketplace it's easy to disappear into the crowd, especially if you're a multiplayer only title. Anyhooo if any of this has piqued your interest check out the shiny new trailer below!