Mechwarrior 5 details and release date

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14 Dec 2017

How does that saying go, "good news comes to those who wait"? Well all around the world mech-heads have been waiting patiently for news on the upcoming Mechwarrior 5 - Mercenaries, and just a couple of days ago Piranha Games  let loose with a new gameplay video and most importantly a release date. Lets get the big one out of the way first Piranha have confirmed that MW5 will be launching sometime in December 2018, now this date is likley to slip but it's a damn sight better than the mystic hand wavy coming-soon we've had to put up with until now. The singleplayer campaign will also have support for 4 player co-op, as well as dedicated multiplayer

They've also given us another important date 3015, whats so special about that you ask? Well that's when the game is set, which means the Clan Invasion is in full swing and we'll be seeing allot of different mechs out on the battlefield. Not that it was ever going to be a problem because MW5 is also shipping with full mod support! This is probably the best news of the bunch seeing as Mechwarrior 4's meager mod support gave the game massive longevity, combine that with the ridiculously dedicated Battletech fanbase, and we're guaranteed to see all manner 'cool shit' being churned out.

In summary Piranha Games are telling Mechwarrior fans exactly what they want to hear and are clearly on-track to return the series to it's glory days!