Mass Effect Andromeda: Exploration

An overlook into Andromeda's exploration feratures

06 Mar 2017
Mass Effect A

"Andromeda is filled with worlds to explore"

In the latest Mass Effect Andromeda overview video, we got a glimpse at the exploration mechanics and gameplay at work in Bioware's latest space-based RPG/romance Sim.

ME: Andromeda will take place in the helios cluster, filled with dozens of star systems. Using the Tempest as your base you navigate your way through space much the same as the mass effects of the past by using the galaxy map. Now as you explore these strange new worlds and anomalies you will be seeing it all live throughout the ships main windows which is a great new addition. 

The worlds you can land on and explore seem to be rather vast in scope so its a good thing the mako as been reborn as the "nomad", though it looks like the crazy handling we all loved to hate is now gone. 

The video below goes into all the exploration goodness and gives us more details about the "Andromeda Initiative"

"ME3 really killed the series for me but I'd be lying if I said this didn't tickle my pickle" -dempsas