Mapping the Black Mesa Incident

The coolest fucking thing you'll see today, Guaranteed!

10 Jan 2018
half life 1 gordon

They're waiting for you Gordon

So around 4 months ago some nutter on YouTube decided to map out the entire Black Mesa incident in real-time. He goes by the name of OWRING and what he did is one of the coolest things we've seen in quite a while. As mentioned it's a live map of the Black Mesa Research Facility where you can track Gordon, Barney, and Adrian's movements on that fateful day, but also thrown into the mix are all the Black Mesa Announcement messages as well as various emergency broadcasts. Even if you don't watch the entire thing you should at least catch the first 20 minutes which will take you through the moment that the shit hit the fan through to the militaries intervention and their silencing of emergency communications and rescue efforts. it's must watch for Half-Life fans looking for a trip down memory lane, and a must watch for everyone else on account of how much damn work went into it.

So start your new year off with a bang, several bangs infact also throw in some ridiculous tie's for good measure!