LG partner with Valve for VR headset

First HTC, now LG. Valve is giving VR developers the touch of god

02 Mar 2017
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News broke at GDC that LG and Valve will be unveiling their new VR headset

Utilising the SteamVR management and OpenSteam development platform this new partnership shows potential for another dog in the fight for our entry into the VR realm. Valve have stated this new HMD is “designed to deliver a high fidelity, next generation VR experience.” 

Previously, LG entered VR with its 360 headset that was only compatible with its G5 phone, a mediocre jump into the race at best. So here's hoping with the help of Valve we get another headset that's worth our time and money. Not a whole lot is known about the headset at the moment, this is just news to say a new challenger is approaching!

"There's a shitload of news coming out of GDC this year, especially VR news! There was a big push last year to get the platform off the ground and many developers have stated that this year they'll focus on innovation and growth. I think it's time to melt down my partner's jewellery for an HTC Vive." - Nick