Killing Floor 2 Releases Halloween Update

Turns the spoopy up to 11

18 Oct 2017
Killing Floor 2 Haloween

We here at AM love us some KF2, unfortunately as Nick and Stroggo can attest the latest entry in Tripwire's spooky shooter is rather dwarfed by the original. What with it's multiple bosses, huge number of maps, and ability to host a server without needing a separate dedicated program, but there's another rather glaring omission and until today it was the holiday content packs. These cheeky little releases had you mowing down satanic Christmas critters, or facing off against a creepy puppet. They were dumb, they were fun, and apparently they're back with the Halloween Horrors pack! Which adds new maps, new cosmetic guff, and a new boss (fucking finally!). Sadly KF2 still needs fattening up, but this release is well on track to getting it up there with it's predecessor.