Killing Floor 2 Gets new shit

death wheel keep on turning

23 Mar 2017
killing floor 2

The oh so friendly folks over at Tripwire dropped a content pack for their latest goodtime-gunwank called 'The Descent'. Included are new guns, a new map and a 'holdout' sub-mode. Let's get started with the guns, Tripwire have brought back the Spitfires, a pair of olde west wheelguns that shoot molten metal, as well as the Stoner 63a a light machine gun that's sure to be more cathartic than tactically useful. Thrown into the mix is the titular map The Descent which takes place in a rather cookiecutter damp dingy subterranean mine, however what's interesting is the new game mode that it brings along for the ride. 'Survival' mode drops players at random points around the map hoping to catch them off guard in-between waves, this is quite cool as completely squashes AM's favorite tactic of "get over to the shipping crates and run in circles till everything's dead". As it usually goes with these sorts of announcements the game is 50% off and having a free weekend so there'll be a few more people around to share the carnage with. If you want to re-read everything I just said but with better grammar you can check out the official release from the devs, or if you can't be fucked reading at all you can watch this pretty pretty video (I won't judge!)