GORN: Flying Fists of Fury update is out!

Even more ways to beat seven shades of shit outta your enemies!

16 Dec 2017

Developer Free Lives' Virtual reality arena brawler where throwing a badger at someone is a perfectly acceptable means of defence is getting a new completely free update!

From this day forth new weapons are being added in the form of the much desired Caestus (Gloves for the rest of us) and many different varieties of caestus to choose from!

Meaning there are now, even more, ways to gore your wonky legged, top heavy friends.


This update we're introducing some of our most-requested weapons in the form of caestus.

Each champion you defeat unlocks a new pair of caestus which you can then use in any of the game modes.

Currently unlockable are the Punch, Claw, Grapple, Mobility and Throwing Knife Caestu...ses?Caesti? Caesu?... Gloves!


In the last update, we introduced local multiplayer as an undocumented extra feature for custom modes. Following up on feedback, we've taken that and polished it into a local multiplayer Party Mode!

We've also spent some time refining the controls for the gladiators and brought back VSIM-style controls, 1998's greatest gaming innovation. Settle who gets to go into VR next the GORN way!


▪ Facelift for features in the cell and arena
▪ The character animation and physics have been redone from scratch using an entirely different method. The changes are subtle but very significant, and will allow us to do more with the character going forward. We have an actual simulation of a character's strength now, which wasn't present before, for example.
▪ For those who prefer their killing with less violence, we've improved the Low Violence mode in GORN with new textures and effects, because everyone knows beating the crap out of a piñata is okay.
▪ For those who prefer their killing with more violence, we've adding gibbing and more organs for you to explode!
▪ The Quarterstaff and non-unlockable Spiked Baseball bat have also been added to the game


If you're a proud owner of a VR Headset and don't yet own Gorn I highly recommend checking it out as a unique game within the platform, and a fun demo for friends who haven't yet tried an HMD.

Plenty more news on the horizon in this busy time of year so keep us in your prayers at Awkward Machine. - Nick