Goodbye Let's Drown Out

Goodbye, farewell, auf weidersehen, you cunt

29 Aug 2016

Last Sunday something very sad happened, what might just be one of the internet's best hidden gems posted it's final episode. I am of course talking about Gabriel Morton, and Yahtzee Crowshaw's lets play series lets drown out.

For the uninitiated, LDO started as a simple lets play series, but they eventually realised that very few people were interested in seeing a game completed by two strangers they switched things up a little by picking incredibly boring games and just waffling over them. Now this worked astoundingly well, not because it was a novel idea or anything, but because of the two spaz's doing it. Between Gabriel's waffling and Yahtzee's neuroticism there was a strange chemistry that was far more entertaining than any of the typical shouty youtubers. It was also a jolly welcome change of scenery, you weren't being slapped with shrilly (or droning) north American accents, instead we got Gabriel's rolly Australian and Yahtzee's (mix and match) British voices stringing us along with some very Australasian humor.

It was this back and fourth that kept me coming back for the last 4 years, it was fun hearing two genuine friends riff on each other and whatever terrible game they were playing. They did this week after week, not for profit, views, or even fun (at times). We'll never know why they kept coming back but blimey did we enjoy it!

So thanks you jolly cunts, thanks a bunch!


Artwork by the fantastic Matthew Muhart