Frozen Synapse 2 Developer Video

MODE7 gives us a geez at what they've been up to

06 Jun 2016

The video was actually released 3 days ago but the entirety of AM has been taking it easy since Friday courtesy of Her Majesty's 90th. The original Frozen Synapse is one of John's favourite games, and is considered a real gem by the strategy and independent gaming community, this latest video goes over the new games incursion mechanics which are broken into major and minor incursions. Major incursions are hand crafted plot heavy affairs that'll drive the games story whereas minor incursions are randomly generated happy-time mayhem anytime missions. It seems Mode7 are going with a well-proven formula, having the 'big' missions be packed with exciting set pieces to draw you in,then hook you with a nearly endless amount of generated content. And if the video below isn't enough you can check out the developers blog for a more detailed analysis on how they're working the mechanic.



stroggo here! One of the best parts of the original Frozen Synapse was the music by Mode7 developer Paul Kilduff-Taylor (aka nervous_testpilot) I recommend giving him a listen!