Frontier Expo 2017


30 Jul 2017

"Join us for a day packed with eagerly-anticipated announcements about the future of Elite Dangerous, what’s next for Planet Coaster, and an exclusive look at Frontier’s unannounced new title."


At the time of writing there is just under twelve hours until tickets go on sale, Frontier Expo (FX17) will be Frontier’s biggest ever community event, bringing developers and community together.

FX17 will feature a full day of announcements, special guest speakers, exclusive panel sessions, competitions, hands-on gameplay, major talks with key content reveals: one for Elite Dangerous, one for Planet Coaster, and one for their unannounced title, several talks and panels with industry experts, content creators, community members with more details about all the sessions on both the Main and Second Stage in the coming weeks.


"The development of Elite Dangerous continues full throttle and we’re delighted to share with you news on what’s coming beyond 2.4 The Return"

 Frontier Developments will be talking about exciting future developments of their major space simulation title, Elite Dangerous.

Elite Dangerous has continued to grow since its initial launch. With new content and new console Commanders making their way to the galaxy, Elite has never been a more thriving hub than it is today. With their passionate and incredibly involved community at the centre of development, Elite Dangerous continues to evolve further.


"Join us as we celebrate the first amazing year of Planet Coaster. We look back at the amazing journey so far and reveal a host of ground-breaking new content coming to the game!"

 With Planet Coaster's anniversary just around the corner, and a new update accompanying that milestone, Frontier Developments want to show you what else they’ve got in store for you! Join this developer-led panel to find out what’s coming in the very special anniversary update!

Check back for more information over the coming weeks in their news section, where they will be announcing the presentations, panels and events you’ll be able to attend on the day.