Final Fantasy XV DLC

More cup noodle themed fun?

13 Feb 2017
FINAL FANTASY XV 20161129192106

A few days ago we got wind of the release dates for the upcoming FFXV DLC packs. 

We have already had the cheesy over the top fun of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival and up next on Feb 21 is a booster pack. 
Then on March 28th (TBD) we will get out first stand-alone episode: Episode Gladiolus. Gladiolus left the group for a bit in the campaign and this episode is here to fill in that gap.
Was it a quest for more cup noodles? Or was he off pulling a Goku and getting mad gains? 

The trailer below also goes on to reveal a June (TBD) date for Episode Prompto, No news on Episode Ignis yet (stroggo was pressed for comment but angrily muttered something about new recipes)