Fallout 4 High Res Texture Pack

If you really hate SSD space

08 Feb 2017
FO4 TexturePack FULL

Hey you, yeah you.

Do you really hate having SSD space just laying around? Still playing Fallout 4?

Well, say no more, Bethesda have got you covered with their new addition to Fallout 4, the high-resolution texture pack for PC coming in at a whopping 56GBs dropped today and it is here to help your game achieve that extra crispiness all while devouring that pesky drive space. 

Is it worth it? Currently, none of us here at AM really have the drive space to spare, and the only one of us who still has Fallout 4 installed already has it modded to oblivion with 3rd party high res mods and an ENB, so we have no vanilla point of reference.

What we will say is that his current modded Fallout 4 install tops out at 35GBs so we are a little baffled as to what this may add. It's a good thing Reddit user BrettonTT compiled a nice gallery for you to check out here so we don't have to sacrifice precious disk space.