Escape From Tarkov gets a new Dev report

A closer look at weapons, gameplay, world

27 Dec 2016

We've covered a small amount of Battlestate Games' newest survival simulator Escape From Tarkov, mainly because the developers have kept pretty tight-lipped about the games current development and future direction. But just yesterday the Russian development studio released an 18minute video explaining all that EFT has to offer including the current story-line, depth of weapons and equipment, and development process just to name a few.

It's awesome to see new developers following the footsteps of teams like Tripwire Interactive and Bohemia Interactive in paying close attention to detail with game-play and weapons, as you can see in the video there's been plenty of care and time taken into ensuring every weapon looks and feels like its real life counterpart.

I'm still nursing a food hangover so I'll keep this news bit short. More news on EFT as it happens, keep it extra cheeki. - Nick

Oh by the way you'll need to brush up on your Russian