Epic Announces Battle Breakers


28 Feb 2017
battle breakers

Epic Games have beat most other studios out of the GDC starting pen by announcing a new title called Battle Breakers. A turn based RPG for phones and PC, it's obvious Epic are chasing the MOBA/Candy crush market with this one. Of course, I'm being a little unfair, and you can't really judge a games depth until you play it but as it stands Battle Breakers looks like an art student ate the plot of a Uwe Boll movie and shat out an anime!

battle breakers screenshot

This has got to be one of the noisiest game screens we've ever seen, and there's no clue if the aspect ratio will change for those of us using a mouse and keyboard. We could be judging it a little harshly, but when you push an announcement trailer like this what else can we do?

Battle Breakers is currently in beta (unless you're in the Philippines), but you can pre-register for an extra dude or something while you wait for the game to launch sometime this year.