Elite Dangerous: Multicrew

Ensign, emergency power to sheilds

01 Feb 2017

Hold onto your FSD drive kiddies

After years of waiting, it looks like we will finally get our first look at multi-crew in the coming weeks. The long promised and much-awaited feature for Elite Dangerous is now on its way to the beta test environment.

In essence, the multi-crew update allows friends to team up and control various aspects of piloting a larger starship. The Helm, The Gunner, and The Fighter. As it stands currently the ship's owner will always be the helmsman but the other roles can be swapped dynamically during flight.

All bounties and vouchers are replicated for all crew members making a great way to earn some money for newer players teaming up with their Anaconda or Corvette rolling buddies, though along with the benefits  the punishments will also be shared. So if you are only rocking a sidewinder then go on a crime spree with your buddies in an Anaconda you better get used to being space debris.

Alongside the multi-crew update, there will also be the commander creator being released finally allowing players to create their custom avatar.

Helm, evasive maneuvers. The Commanders beta drops February 26th