Elite Dangerous bringing back Thargoids!

First contact is gonna be a bitch

17 Jul 2016
Elite Thargoid

This one should really be coming from Adam, our resident spaceman but he's busy planning "Operation Overlord II: The Overing" so you're gonna have to do with the cliff-notes. The Tharigoids were once the skurge of Elite, strange invaders that would randomly jump in and ruin a commanders day. Being noticeably absent from the latest release they have only appeared in online folk-tales of hidden sectors and encounters, but recently there's been a some hints that Frontier are bringing the bastards back! A community manager has also backed up these clues (or fanning the flames of deceit) by encouraging players to hunt down an alien wreckage. Fingers crossed it's no hoax, it'd be nice to have something to do again..